“The family tree of earthly ancestors was really not important; what was important was the family tree of the children of God He planted on Calvary.”

― Fulton J. Sheen, Life of Christ

The Calvary Mount was a symbol of despair, dishonour and death. The image of the cross used to send shivers across the spines of Israelites under Roman rule. But God’s all-encompassing Grace can transform anything and anyone. After the Innocent Lamb of God was sacrificed for the sake of humanity on that hill, the world itself was transformed, on spiritual level. The place where Christ’s Holy Blood was shed was cleansed of all that was dark and despairing there. By dying on the cross, Jesus elevated the symbol of torture to the everlasting symbol of Divine Mercy, Glory and Salvation.

The evergreen Tree of Christianity was planted on that mountain. The roots of which are spread across the world and its branches sheltering humanity from death and damnation. The Calvary installation at the Museum of The World is thronged by thousands daily. While gestating the idea for the museum, Br Mathew Vergis was inspired by the Holy Spirit to take visitors through the cathartic Passion of the Christ. Even though it’s part of the Way of the Cross experience, Calvary section stands out with its life-like installations.

Looking at the sculpture of Jesus Christ on the cross flanked by two thieves transports the mind to that epochal event, which transpired two millennia ago. Br Vergis’ decision to make the Calvary display so prominent makes total sense at that moment. We can see people either looking at the exhibit in awe or bowing their heads in prayer. Don’t be surprised if you see many tear up. After all, the recipients of the Lord’s salvation can be nothing but eternally thankful.