International Bible Showcase

Discover at the Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park all about the origin and growth of the Bible making it the most widely published book in the world and the most widely read.

World Vision

The World Vision Pavilion displays an array of artefacts from different cultures, such as the Native American Indian culture, Asian, and Ancient Egyptian.

International Museum of Crosses

The Cross reminds us of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death. The Cross is a symbol of suffering and defeat leading to triumph and salvation.

Bible Alive - Amazing Truths

God’s Word is truly amazing. When we start reading the Bible, we will learn that there is a lot of really interesting stuff and facts to learn about the Bible beyond its core message.

International Philatelic Museum

Gone are the days when stamp collection was considered as the King of hobbies and the Hobby of Kings. Post offices remain as monuments of a glorious bygone era publishing stamps.

History of Creation in Ceramics

The history of creation of all living creatures on earth and in waters as found in the first chapter of Genesis, the first book of the Bible is showcased in an exposition of exquisite ceramic and porcelain artistry from different parts of the world.

Evolution of Transportation

In the beginning human beings began to move about using their feet for their mode of transportation. As time went by, they invented Bicycles and later moved on to Motorcycles.

Veda Veedhi - The Collection of Holy Books of World Religions

Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park has a unique collection of Holy Books of many world religions. All these scriptures capture the virtue and wisdom of the Almighty, and they are also significant characters in shaping human history.

Vijayaraaji Art And Craft Expo

Welcome to the world of art and crafts. VIJAYARAAJI Art and Craft Expo is a colossal collection of spectacular artwork from around the globe.

International Numismatic Museum

Welcome to the world of coins. Be ready to travel back to antiquity with our vast collection of coins from around the world.

Christmas Land

The Message of Christmas is hopeful and inspirational for the entire world. To hold Christmas in one’s heart means following the true message of God. The Feast of the Nativity sheds light and hope for the masses and prompts them to believe in the blessings of God.