Inter Denomination Christ Church

The Museum of the World is an outstanding endeavour that showcases how the Holy Bible influenced humanity as a whole. Every display and exhibit is exquisite.


Christians over the decades have given credence to the portable earthly dwelling place of the God of Israel (Yahweh), also known as the Tabernacle. According to the Hebrew Bible, the Tabernacle was asked to be constructed and transported by Moses in Mount Senai.

The Bible Garden

This is a shrine to the unfathomable grace and infinite love of God Almighty. While every exhibit inside the museum makes one remember the Glory of God, there is another wonder outside – the Bible Garden.

Birthplace of Jesus

The birth of Jesus is the sunrise in the Bible, said Henry Jackson van Dyke Jr, an American author, educator, diplomat, and clergyman. Never has a truer word been spoken. Our Lord Jesus Christ is as historic as He is divine.

Last Supper Painting

Partaking the everlasting life-giving Body and Blood of Christ is the cornerstone of Christian belief. And the image of the Last Supper and its eternal message is one of great significance to Christians world over.


The history of human salvation is wrought by pain and incalculable suffering. The price of absolution and re-entry into divine grace was immense and there was only one worthy enough to pay – Lord Jesus Christ.


“The family tree of earthly ancestors was really not important; what was important was the family tree of the children of God He planted on Calvary.”

Tomb of Jesus

In death, He validated the promise to the Father. By breaking open the tomb and resurrecting Him, our Heavenly Father sealed the promise of eternal life to everyone who believes in His son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Relics of Ten Saints

Indeed, they are excellent, the loyal servants of the Lord. They served Him dutifully with all their hearts and souls, thus earning heavenly glory and earthly honours.

Jesus Paradise

To gaze upon that Eternal Sunshine – our Lord, our God Jesus Christ in Paradise is the life mission of not only every Christian, but of entire humanity. For over two millennia, hundreds of thousands of paintings and sculptures of Jesus have been made, world over.

Lane Of Apostles

Everything that the Lord does has a purpose. Us mortals cannot even begin to understand that. When Br Mathew Vergis was chosen by God Almighty to be his loyal servant and spread the divine Word to the masses, decades ago, little did the brother know that he was becoming an instrument for far greater things

Way Of The Cross

Our Lord Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. God, in his infinite kindness chose His only Son as the sacrificial lamb to atone for the unpardonable sins of humanity. There was no other way. None. And there was no other than Jesus Christ who could execute the Will of the Father.