Jesus Paradise

Make Your face to shine upon Your servant; Save me in Your loving kindness – Psalm 31:16

To gaze upon that Eternal Sunshine – our Lord, our God Jesus Christ in Paradise is the life mission of not only every Christian, but of entire humanity. For over two millennia, hundreds of thousands of paintings and sculptures of Jesus have been made, world over. They are still being made and reproduced in millions. That’s because the image of the Jesus is the ultimate symbol of love, forgiveness, divinity, sacrifice and above all salvation and eternal life.

Br Mathew Vergis has travelled all over the world carrying out the divine duties entrusted by God Almighty. As the pastor of the Inter Denominational Christian Fellowship International, he has visited and preached the Word of God leading the faithful into blessed fasting prayers. During these visits, Br Vergis always collected arts and artefacts related to the Holy Bible. The collection of Jesus Christ’s paintings is his top priority. And all these images are now available for the faithful to marvel at.

Jesus Paradise is one of the grandest showcases in the Museum of the World. A hall decked with only paintings of Jesus Christ. There are paintings of various sizes and styles, all depicting the life, miracles, sacrifice, crucifixion, resurrection and even his glorious second coming in vivid detail. The exhibit is in a way the depiction of what Christians hope to see in the afterlife. Yes, our Lord Jesus Christ, every moment for eternity.

The exhibit also shows how God’s miraculous plans work in wonderful ways. Br Vergis has been collecting these paintings years before the idea about the Museum of the World even happened. It is now apparent that the Holy Spirit inspiring and preparing Br Vergis for the day when he will be used by the Lord to create this shrine to His Word and in it a hall to celebrate the wonderful images of His on Jesus Christ.