International Numismatic Museum

Welcome to the world of coins. Be ready to travel back to antiquity with our vast collection of coins from around the world. The International Numismatics Museum displays a rich collection of coins from different countries, civilizations, and eras. Our well-preserved collections will take you around the world through the evolution of coinage from an age where stones where used initially for monetary transactions.

The Numismatics Museum exhibit contains coins, currencies and tokens of many forms. Coinage unravels the roots of our civilization educating you about the trade and economy of a particular time and decipher the history of the social order, ideologies, personages, leadership, and mythology of the times. Our gallery of numismatics will fascinate and educate people of all ages.

The spectacular numismatic artefacts of our museum include the Official Millennium Collection of USA, My Canada My Collection, replicas of the Widow’s Mite and the Thirty Pieces of Silver used as the offerings to the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. It is an entertaining and informative journey through the ages, through stories that are familiar and countries that you may want to visit in the future. You will find many examples that proudly declare the identity of the cultures as well as the contributions of modern technological advancements. It is a marvelous joyride for any numismatics enthusiast.

Many of these coins date back to ancient times. They provide invaluable information on cultural practices, significant individuals, and ancient-international relations. It is an enlightening depiction of the growth of the human race. It tells you how the mints produced coins and how trade evolved over the last 2000 years.

Our exhibit stands as one of the largest and finest libraries of numismatic artefacts in India. The collection is the representation of both global and national numismatic traditions. Each segment is devoted to continents, countries and different eras. It also displays a collection of commemorative coinage.

Our mission is to make this marvelous collection fully accessible to the public and provide a knowledgeable yet pleasurable experience for history lovers. These coins depict the history of the world shaped through socio-economic progress, technological and scientific advances of mankind.

Explore the history and heritage of the human race through the exciting collection of coins. It is worth every penny!