Way Of The Cross

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”- 1Peter 2: 24

Yes, He did. And mankind was saved forever. Our Lord Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. God, in his infinite kindness chose His only Son as the sacrificial lamb to atone for the unpardonable sins of humanity. There was no other way. None. And there was no other than Jesus Christ who could execute the Will of the Father. Only He could bear the cross that was weighed down by the sins of entire humanity, suffer the torture and indignities hurled by the ignorant masses and the Romans, the unimaginable pain of being crucified and eventually laying down His precious life.

This ultimate sacrifice is the bed rock of Christian faith. It is the epochal event that changed human history forever. Re-enacting and meditating on it is an integral part of Christian life. When Br Mathew Vergis envisioned the Museum of the Word, he was clear about how the Way of The Cross will be presented. The Holy Spirit guided him through the design that takes visitors through a Golgotha experience. The Stations are placed on an upward slope. And it culminates at the Calvary exhibit on top that completes the spiritual catharsis, even for non-believers.

Such a grand vision to immortalize the immeasurable kindness and love of our Lord could only have come to one whose devotion to the Word transcends human understanding. Br Vergis’ Museum of The Word is a unique gift to all of humanity. May the Lord bless him abundantly to do wondrous things in the Holy name of Jesus Christ.