Veda Veedhi - The Collection of Holy Books of World Religions

Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park has a unique collection of Holy Books of many world religions. All these scriptures capture the virtue and wisdom of the Almighty, and they are also significant characters in shaping human history. It is a unique site that offers beholders an incredible opportunity to familiarize themselves with these sacred texts.

All faiths have a rich history and all of them guide the human race to God and find meaning behind their teachings. These religious texts have a long and complex history. Some of these texts have a rich oral tradition. Some of them were retold by generations over centuries and preserved as manuscripts and scrolls. The  Veda Veedhi guides you to explore the diversity of these sacred texts of the world’s major faiths.

This is a humble attempt to capture the spiritual truths in the journey of the human life. Our collection displays sacred texts such as The Holy Quran, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas and many more spiritual texts. This will take you through the ultimate wisdom of mankind and will capture the essence of its spiritual journey. The mission is to lead the viewers to the spiritual truths through these holy books.