International Museum of Crosses

The Cross reminds us of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death. The Cross is a symbol of suffering and defeat leading to triumph and salvation. After Emperor Constantine converted himself to Christianity in the 4th Century, he abolished the capital punishment of crucifixion. Then on, the cross has been promoted as a symbol of the Son of God.

You would be surprised to learn that though the traditional cross is a simple image with two bars crossed, there exist myriad of different variations of the Christian cross.

At the Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park, the International Museum of Crosses displays hundreds of crosses from around the world. Here you would be able to see Saint Thomas Cross, Jerusalem Cross, Celtic Cross, Latin Cross, Greek Cross, Tau cross, also known as Saint Anthony the Abbot cross or Crux Commissa, Cross with trilobed terminals, and many more. Some crosses are simply more intricate for beauty’s sake, while others have designs that indicate associations with different countries, cultures or denominations. Here you will find some rare types of cross-like Cross “the Monogram of Constantine”, the Catacombal Cross or “the Sign of Victory”, the Cross with petals, and the Botonee Cross. You would also be able to see Cross and Crucifix used by different Christian factions – Catholics or Protestants, to Orthodox Christians.

You will also find here crosses made from different kinds of metals, wood, and other elements. These crosses gives you a glimpse into the history of Christianity and how it has evolved over the centuries across different parts of the world.