The history of human salvation is wrought by pain and incalculable suffering. The price of absolution and re-entry into divine grace was immense and there was only one worthy enough to pay – Lord Jesus Christ.

Sacrificing one’s life to save others is the noblest and the most sublime virtue. The whole thing sounds thrilling and valorous, but the actual deed calls for exceptional strength of character and integrity.

Jesus knew all along what his Heavenly Father expectations were. And as a dutiful He was ready to do God’s will. Still, Christ the human needed to prepare for the horrors that were about to transpire. Bearing the sins of entire humanity is a burden unimaginable to us mortals. Even the divine sweat blood at the thought and even plead to be spared from this torturous mission, at least for a fleeting moment. But Father God gave him strength. That’s the significance of Gethsemane. The garden where Jesus prayed for strength to execute the ultimate act of humanity is a source of inspiration for everyone who feels powerless in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Gethsemane reminds that nothing in this world is impossible when God gives you strength.

The grand sculpture of Jesus Christ leaning at the Garden of Gethsemane at the Museum of the World reminds visitors the incalculable value of our salvation. The placement of the sculpture is another example of how Br Mathew Vergis was guided by the Holy Spirit in planning every aspect of this divine endeavour. The imposing structure comes just after the Prophets Walk adjacent to the Bible Garden. That gives an uncanny authenticity to the installation.

The Gethsemane exhibit inspires an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to God Almighty and to His only Son Jesus Christ for showering divine kindness to the undeserving humanity.