Vijayaraaji Art And Craft Expo

Welcome to the world of art and crafts. VIJAYARAAJI Art and Craft Expo is a colossal collection of spectacular artwork from around the globe. This gallery is a treat to anyone with an artistic taste where they can admire great paintings, sculptures, installations, artifacts, handicrafts, and other artistic creations.

There is a diverse display of paintings ranging from the Italian Renaissance portraits to modern abstract paintings. You can find copies of masterpiece paintings and also discover spectacular rarities among them. These paintings will educate you on the history and development of different cultures through art. The collection includes an international line-up of established artists, contemporary artworks and emerging name.

The VIJAYARAAJI Art and Craft Expo is the private collection of Bro. Dr Mathews Vergis and Mrs. Raaji Vergis. The collection embraces the versatility and insights of different forms of art from all parts of the world and spans from ancient to modern times. Its mission is to introduce to you art in its many forms from around the world.