Inter Denomination Christ Church

The Museum of the World is an outstanding endeavour that showcases how the Holy Bible influenced humanity as a whole. Every display and exhibit is exquisite. The most outstanding facet of the museum is the Inter Denomination Christ Church. Why? Two reasons. One it houses salient elements of the different Christian denominations under one roof. And two, it brings for the realisation that we are all one with God Almighty, the Holy Spirit and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For over two millennia, Christians have been creating barriers in the name of denominations, traditions and rites. They split themselves into Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Anglicans, Jacobites, Lutherans and such. This church in the Museum of the World, built by Br Mathew Vergis under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, reminds every Christian the very foundation of Christian faith – the Saving Grace of Lord Jesus Christ.

The Inter Denomination Christ Church is adorned with images of Biblical figures from the Old Testament and the New Testament, venerated leaders of various denominations like Roman Catholic, Malankara Catholic, Orthodox, Jacobite among others as well as modern-day saints such as Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. The altar is flanked by monstrances of various designs. The altar incorporates elements from various rites. One cannot help but marvel at the intricate details of this church.

Br Vergis deserves commendation for painstakingly putting together this venue of adoration and sending the message of unity to all our brethren in Christ. God will bless him abundantly to carry out the divine mandate through Denominational Christian Fellowship International.