Evolution of Transportation

In the beginning human beings began to move about using their feet for their mode of transportation. As time went by, they invented Bicycles and later moved on to Motorcycles. The evolution of means for transportation was slow but steady. It’s also the story of human’s determination and capability to find means for movement in a fast and better manner.

Thus, horse-drawn carriages gave way to Motorcars, bullock carts to vans and trucks. The steam engine was a great discovery which could transport hundreds of people. Then, came in the steam boats replacing hand rowed and sail driven boats. This further led to luxurious passenger ships like the ‘Titanic’. The Wright Brothers with their invention of the first aircraft “Wright Flyer” on December 17th, 1903 flying six kilometers by air making it the fastest mode of transportation at that time. From their man has reached unimaginable destinations such as the Moon and Mars.

Some of them are the brightest discoveries of its era, and the others have been a persistent component in shaping the history of the human race. Transportation has developed alongside the expansion of human understanding and culture. These collections depict the long journey of mankind from wooden wheels to supersonic aircraft.

Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis has showcased this evolution of transport in the most spectacular way by displaying the milestones in the history of transportation of the human race. This unique feature of the Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park alone is sufficient to open the horizons of knowledge to the young and old alike irrespective of languages, religions and cultures.