International Bible Showcase

Discover at the Museum of the Word – International Bible Theme Park all about the origin and growth of the Bible making it the most widely published book in the world and the most widely read. Understand how the Bible was translated into hundreds of languages and know about the rise of the different versions of the Bible, and much more. Also learn about its journey through many eras, communities, and places through which it traveled making it the sacred text for millions of millions of people of different language groups and culture.

Get to see the famous Thomason Medallic bible, Antique bible by John Barber, Brown’s self-interpreting bible, and even Torah, the Hebrew Bible. Again, this would be the only place where you would be able to see Bible written on Papyrus sheets hundreds of years ago.

The International Bible Showcase also exhibits over 300 Bible translations in different regional and international languages. Here you would be able to get information on all the 7037 languages in which the Bible is available currently and where the Bible still needs to reach. International Bible showcase segment will entice Christians, linguists, and historians alike.